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Descriptive title for lesson:Game of cricket
Subject:Physical Development Level 4+
InstructionalGoal: The children will develop gross motor control as they manipulate the cricket equiipment and objects.
(The Ministry of Education Curriculum Guide)P.21
Previous knowledge: The children visited a sport store
Lesson Pre-Asessment : Formative Assessment(checklist)
Rational for teaching strategies selected:The children will develop key experiences(Hohmann Mary,2004)p.34
Objectives: The children can copy action of another ;observe and replicate. (Psychomotor).
Stages of Instruction
Objectives (For each stage, identify when the objective is being addressed)
Materials (Identify the materials [including technology related] needed at each stage)
Teacher (Describe what the teacher will be doing at each stage)
Student (Describe what the student will be doing at each stage)

Set Induction
(Introduce the students to the objectives that will be learned. If this lesson continues from a previous lesson, how does it connect to what was taught)

video of a cricket game in progress.
Teacher will start the video.
Children will sit and view the video.

(Describe the content knowledge and how it will be provided to students – e.g., lecture, discovery learning, textbook, video)
The children will be aware that Cricket is a game that use equiptment as they listen and view the videoThat cricket is an important sport.
Name the equipments and view how to use them, the children will take turns to play the cricket.
Be aware that a cricketer is a person who plays cricket, which provides us with enjoyment and is a form of exercise. The children will develop an interest in thre sport'

Teaching & arning Strategies (Describe, in detail, activities that will assist students in reaching the objectives. Also include practice activities, a plan for providing feedback, as well as examples to aid their understanding.
The children will look at the video.
The children will recall what they saw.
Affective: The children will take turns.
Psychomotor: The children will use the cricket bat to repeat action of the process.
The videoof the Cricket Game.
The teacher begins the activity by showing the movie
The teacher will ask the children to name the equiptment they have seen in the video.
The teacher will introduce the children to the cricket tools,bat,ball and wiket.
The Teacher will demonstrate how to use and play cricket .
The children will sit and view a short cricket video.
The children will respond to the question.
The children will observe the equipments.
The children will take turns to play .
(Describe how you will bring the lesson to a close. Review the objectives and how they will connect to the following lesson [if applicable])

Pencils paper and crayons.
The teacher will share materials to allow the children to draw aspects of the cricket game

Louisa Murren-Samaroo